Hard Landscaping

Hard Landscaping is carried out to create or change the fundamental structure of your garden, driveway or patio. Due to new legislation some driveways may require planning permission to customise.

Hard Landscaping patio area and water featureHard Landscaping services that we offer include Block paving, graveled areas, brick walls, block work, stone walls, water features, raised beds, terraces and rockeries. We recognize the importance of getting these large-scale projects ‘just right’ for the customer.





Traditional block pavingChoose from an extensive range of products for your proposed work, from strong and durable block paving for driveways or patios, to locally quarried stone or reclaimed bricks for a rustic wall. Most materials are available in a variety of styles and colours to suit every customer. You can view samples here.
Please contact us for more information on your specific requirements.